Personalized Education

90+ Sessions

Customize your education experience and choose courses curated with your needs in mind and delivered by national industry expert educators. 


  • Horticulture
  • Landscape Design
  • Pests & Diseases
  • Arboriculture
  • Irrigation
  • Sustainability
  • Management
  • Marketing

Professional Credits

MGIX’s diverse education offerings address the needs of green industry professionals. Programs are CEU approved by a wide array of credentialing providers, such as:

  • ASLA
  • APLD
  • IA
  • ISA
  • TCIA
  • ODA
  • OCNT
  • Landscape Industry Certified

2018 Session Highlights

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Rain Water Harvesting & Reuse for Irrigation      

On the Floor: A Merchandising “GPS” for increased sales

How to Profitably Integrate Bioproducts into Your Growing Operation    

Working Around the Public         

Diseases of Attitude       

Seasonal Color Displays

More than Just Dinner, Edibles as Ornamentals

Creating an Effective Direct Mail Campaign

Ohio’s Prison Based Horticulture and Turf/Landscape Training Programs

Snow Service Contracts and Independent Contractor’s Agreements

Herbaceous Pests

Proper Plant Maintenance

Room for Large Plants in the Landscape

Legislative Update

Landscaping for Water Quality

How to Become a Better Landscaper Quicker

Fun and Educational Workshops to Offer at Your Garden Center

New and Old Plants for Today’s Gardens

Olmsted By Design

Favorite Trees and Shrubs that Work for the Landscape, Season by Season

Hospitality Industry Meets the Nursery and Landscaping Industry: Making the Connection             

No Watering Required: Water-Wise Garden Design

Community Involvement Panel: Investing Your Marketing Dollars

Strategies to Win in a Changing Economy

Planning Your Pesticide Management Strategies

Why Plants Do the Things They Do

Perennial Grassy Weeds ID & Control

Making Plants Work for You

The Teeter-Totter of Profits:  Estimating vs. Sales

Workers Comp: Ten Most Common Mistakes

The Alphabet Soup of Invasive Species Update

A Cut Above: Pruning

Nutrient Management in the Landscape

Insuring Your Business

If Patton Ran Your Business

Conifer Crash    

Practical Pesticide Safety

Why Did Good Plants Go Bad: Invasive Plant and Options for Control

If the Shoe Fits: How To Brand Your Customer’s Journey With You

Attain, Train, Retain, & Entertain a Modern Green Industry Workforce

How do I get to be a “Snow-Only” Company?

Top Ten Diseases You Should know

How to Kill a Tree

The Modern Vegetable Garden

Efficient Irrigation Design & Installation

Nine Proven Profit Strategies for Tree, Lawn and Landscape Contractors

Retail Roundtable

The Latest and Greatest: The Lure of New Plant Varieties

Log Cabin or Taj Mahal? Are You Really Listening?

Preparing your business for disasters.  Know what to do next.

Ensuring Family Business Success

How to Employ Legal Temporary Labor: Navigating H-2A and H-2B

Tree and Gear Inspection

Practical Scouting in the Nursery

IPM: From Integrated Pest Management to Intelligent Plants

Wildlife Conflict in the Landscape

Restorative Gardens