LACES Credits

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15 Jan 2018
16 Jan 2018
17 Jan 2018
Brian McSpadden-Gardener
Bill Hendricks, CENTS Speaker
Bill Hendricks
Preethi Fernando

13 Diseases of Attitude

Jeffrey Ling
Louise Reiling
Shaun Kanary
John DeVore - CENTS Speaker
John DeVore

Restorative Gardens

Tom Fryman

Advanced Plant Design

Jeff Muhlbach

Efficient Irrigation Design & Installation

Kirk Ryan Brown

Sustainable Garden Practices

Jeff Muhlbach

Rainwater Harvesting and Use for Irrigation

Tom Shay
Reuben Huffman
Bobby Schwatz - CENTS Speaker
Bobbie Schwartz
Kirk Ryan Brown

Olmsted by Design

Jim Nau
Tom Shay

If Patton Ran Your Business

John Virdo

Working Around the Public